patricia thomson                               wine + film writer


As a wine writer, Patricia Thomson has roamed the resurrected vineyards of

Pompeii, bottled Barbera in a medieval cellar, scaled Oslavian peaks to discover the cultural history of a grape, and tasted wine from countless barrels and bottles at the side of world-renowned winemakers.

As a film writer, Pat has gone behind the scenes at Boardwalk Empire and Antiques Roadshow, trailed verité filmmakers documenting Oliver North’s Senate campaign, visited siege outposts during the Sarayevo Film Festival, and detailed the intricate art and craft of cinematography.

Pat is a regular contributor to Tastes of Italia, where her feature stories appear in every issue. Her wine and travel articles have also been published in Decanter, Wine Enthusiast, World of Fine Wine, Budget Living, Gastronomica,, Cellar Fine Wines & more.

Her film articles have appeared in American Cinematographer, Variety, Village Voice, Time Out, New York Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Columbia Journalism Review, Ms., Utne Reader, In These Times, and The Independent Film & Video Monthly, where she was editor in chief for 10 years. More about Pat.